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archive of dan and phil stuff – Dan and Phil Formspring.

Для этого и создано приложение. archive of dan and phil stuff. Dan and Phil Formspring.

Here is a typed-up compilation of all of Dan and Phil's formspring solutions that have been saved!I've organized them according to subject. Please notice that the dates are in essence meaningless – I just put what ever date it stated on the screenshot, but I never know when the screenshots ended up manufactured. DAN'S FORMSPRING Solutions.

  • Has it been alright to this point another person with assorted professional ambitions?
  • The warning signs in online dating user profiles?
  • Just how long should you procrastinate prior to the presenting my date to my friends or family?
  • How quickly is simply too before long to textual content from a first and foremost day?
  • Is this acceptable so far an individual with a history of unfaithfulness?
  • How do I manage someone that is exceedingly materialistic?
  • How do I work with somebody that is exceedingly jealous?

Examples of the indication of a partner with unresolved depend on situations?

ones that mention phil. rn) i look ahead to seeing you at New years…i will acquire gain when you might be drunk, just a heads up!i assume phil will have to retain me on a leash xD. Dan responded to lightscamerash , one particular yr back. lol to the man or woman who reported "im five"eleven, is that tall more than enough?" hahaha xD i am in fact five"11…. perfect huh? there ought to be a way we can get phil and pete to you know…go absent xD.



  • Is this good until now an individual with assorted journey requirements?
  • How to define some great for starters day options?
  • Examples of the symptoms of a romantic relationship turning out to be likewise regime?
  • Could it be good to this point anybody with various grooming patterns?

DAN. I am going to HAVE TO EROTICALLY Massage SOME BADGERS Until THE Up coming JUSTIN BIEBER TOUR. Dan responded 12 months ago. What's Phil's very last name… I swear he's never stated it. Or is it just Phil… like Cher? x.

dude, phil IS cher. Dan responded to AcidFreeAmber , just one calendar year back. when did you 1st meat phil in person? and where?a thirty day period in the past, at manchester picadilly educate station.

Dan responded to josh , 1 calendar year ago. Would you rather: Give Phil a lap dance OR Get a lap dance adultfriendfinder review from Phil?LOL a lapdance from phil would be quite hilarious. Dan responded, a single yr back. rn…you have a strange accent. it really is not like phil's…but it truly is great bizarre :three. that's mainly because phil will come from northern england and i occur from southern england.

phil appears like an angry drunk particular person i audio like the queen. Dan responded eleven months in the past. Your favorite location to be? x. in london with friends, or manchester with phil :)Dan responded to AmzyBoosh , a person calendar year ago. What have been your best 5 times of 2009, given that it is coming to an conclude :)a household social gathering at andy week's. going to ayia napa in june.

going to longleat with erin. the halloween collecting. Are you and Phil dating? You would be the best YouTube pair ever!actually that is a issue. if we had been to day, we might be the most effective elite couple on yt then charlieandstephen pjandlex and peteandashlee could s our d's. Dan responded eleven months in the past. Have you and Phil ever kissed? If not, would you kiss him for income?If you gave me £100 I would rape him on blogtv. Dan responded 11 months ago. I like to share beds with my ideal close friends. Have you and Phil ever sleeped in the exact bed?i in fact really like innocently sleeping in the similar mattress as buddies idk why its just one of my favorite issues and yes. Dan responded 11 months in the past. is there a track where each time you listen to it, you believe of someone else? if so, which tune?loads. for now even though, sick say interrupted by fireworks – phil. Kill, Mary, Shag, … Phil, me, Haley Williams ?kill u (so sorry) shag haley, marry phil. Dan responded 11 months back. Would you at any time meet up with someone from on line in the flesh?Dan responded 11 months in the past. Are you jealous of Phil's inflatable lion? 🙂 I know I am. i'm jealous of one thing else inflatable he has :)a grey beach ball. Dan responded to Fwooshz , 1 year ago. At what time do you typically go to rest?12 considering that i achieved phil its been like ¾ just about every evening TT. Dan responded one particular 12 months back. do you imagine you and Phil will be very best good friends forever?Dan responded a single yr back. Has any person ever saved you? (emotionally or bodily)Dan responded 1 yr back. what's the nicest issue anyone's ever accomplished for you?

perhaps what phil's completed for me.






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