Lady Messages Her Old Flames On Valentine's Day

This Woman Shamelessly Messaged All Her Old Flames On V-Day… Let's see just what Happened

The Story

One for the facts of dating in 2016 is everyone end up getting cellphone connections for old flames that people never ever bypass to deleting. Katia, just who offered you the woman wide variety without you actually asking in 2014. Emily, just who continued one ill-fated big date with you to an elegant bar in 2015. Annie, whom you almost connected with but then didn't for the reason that her awful taste in films. You remember all of them, they remember you, plus mobile phones remember one another's get in touch with information. But no person bothers texting any individual because… what is the point?

Well, we've discovered what happens whenever you really send those thirsty-ass texts, as a consequence of a blogger named Victoria, just who texted 17 (!) old fires she understood from the woman trips in Ireland while experiencing lonely on Valentine's Day. Let us observe it transpired. 

The Snapshot

Turns out Niall does keep in mind this lady.

He she called "Penguin Erector" has many trouble determining which the woman is…

Classy. Why don't we observe how Isaac handles the problem:

As Victoria leaves it, "all of us are just one small bum go with far from never ever getting alone once again."

The Lesson

Biggest takeaway here? If a classic fire strikes you right up out of the blue on Valentine's Day, it could you need to be fodder for her weblog. Either way, do not a thirsty douche (coughing, Niall) and send this lady some lowkey flirty af texts while your own girlfriend's straight back is switched. Which is smudged, bro. 

Oh, and also… in case your mate is actually flirting with some one behind your back? It may be within their LinkedIn messages. Sneaky.